Does God Exist?

I know it’s futile to try to prove or disprove God’s existence, but it’s compelling just the same.

I heard a co-worker the other day claim that he was certain God did not exist, because he’d been good all his life and he has nothing to show for it. So God doesn’t exist because this guy is unhappy?

It occurred to me how difficult it would have been for God to make that happen. He could not have made us free to choose and happy at the same time. Besides, if we were always “happy” and content we wouldn’t know it, so how would that work out? I mean, He can’t even get us to love Him as it is, so how could he give us whatever we want?

Which calls to mind another argument that gets my goad. That God must not exist because horrible bad things happen to people. How could He love us and allow so much suffering? That question always made me think of a whining child.

And how could God engineer a world in which we are free to choose and yet not suffer? No matter where He drew the line — where He made the edge of our experience — we would have asked the same question. Imagine a universe that never got hotter than 75 degrees or colder than 65 degrees. Would we appreciate that? Of course not. We would only know the extremes of that creation, so when it was 75 we’d all complain about how unbearably hot is was, and when it got all the way down to 65 we’d shiver and ask why.

Think about it – God could have made the world even worse. Or perhaps He could have made it better. In either case we’d complain just the same.

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